When Driving in Fog You Should Follow These Tips

Driving in fog sounds romantic and looks cinematic. But it can also be very dangerous to drive in fog. One must be careful while driving in dense fog. Because visibility can be terrible and driving properly may become a tough task also one should drive slowly in the foggy conditions. 

One day when my friends and I agreed  to go on a trip to manali. We all were very excited to reach our destination where my big brother, who was driving the car, had to face the foggy weather. He got a little scared of driving in the fog because of low visibility and while travelling on road in foggy  weather my brother saw a bright reflection come in front of him and then suddenly he stopped the car.

There he saw a lady in front of him with long hair and wearing a white cloth basically looking like a ghost. He shouted loudly,”oh my god ghost” then we all got attentive and looked after the lady then my brother accelerated the race paddle hard. So that we could escape but our car was not moving ahead then after some time our car started moving and we succeeded to escape from there. 

It was a terrible experience for all of us then again after sometime we forgot that scenario and continued our journey but as we were moving forward we were realising that the fog was getting denser and it was becoming very difficult for us to drive. 

When Driving in Fog You Should

In such a fog then I got a idea that i should tell my brother about certain tips i learned once about how to drive in dense fog that are:

  1. One should drive slowly in fog. 
  2. Make your car visible to others by using low beam headlights and never use high beam headlights. 
  3. Leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you so you can stop suddenly. 
  4. Follow one lane by looking at the line that divides the lanes.

And my brother started following my instructions. 

Consequences of Not Following When Driving in Fog You Should

After that we were slowly moving forward but in the middle of the road our car stopped and its engine stopped working then we all got out of the car. After that we all were searching for help. But in this process one of our partners got lost somewhere and we were unable to find him. 

But after some time we found his dead body. Then there was a ghost lady who looked like the lady we once killed by our car. When we were driving in fog at high speed she got hit by our car and died. There she said that now I have taken revenge from you by killing your friend. In the same manner you killed me in fog and also he will become a ghost like me and his duty will be to make people aware about how to drive in fog, who passed from this road. Also the lady ghost said that she will kill me and my other members. 

We asked her to please forgive us and after that she replied that when they killed her. Her family, who was dependent on her, suffered from a lot of problems. Because of them, she will only forgive them when they will promise her to look after her family. Then my brothers agreed to her and we started looking after her family also. 

From all this we learned that one must follow the rules while driving in various conditions and should not take driving rules lightly and one must avoid high speeding as it can cause  huge damage to us or anyone present on the road. Also after this we never drive fast in the foggy weather. 

From the story above we can give a various teachings to young people out there about driving on road that are:

  1. Drive slowly in bad weather conditions. 
  2. Must drive in one lane. 
  3. Having fun while driving is good but also one must be very attentive while driving.
  4. To show off on social media young people nowadays unfollow traffic rules to make videos to upload on social media which is not good one must avoid doing such actions. 
  5. Turn on the car heater while driving in fog to remove fog from the windshield.  
  6. Don’t drink and drive.

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