How to Choose the Best SUV For Towing?

SUVS are known to be stronger and bigger than any of the other automobiles. Consumers buy them for their big size,weight and durability. SUV is abbreviation for sport utility vehicle and is a combinational car which combines elements of road-going passenger cars with features from off-road vehicles. We can call it a sandwich featured car with features such as ground clearance, four-wheel drive,etc. 

Now you may think what how is this sandwich car? Yes! It definitely is because with all these bulky features which makes the car look more durable it is also very luxurious which fulfills both the needs of the customer. Now let us see some features of these SUVS which will then help us find a perfect SUV which can also be used for towing.

Characteristics Of SUV

  • All-wheel drive.
  • High ground clearance.
  • High capacity engines,etc.

1. All-Wheel Drive

An all-wheel drive vehicle (abbreviated as AWD) is a powertrain system which is capable of providing power to all the wheels of the SUV. So what is the main difference between Four-wheel drive and All-wheel drive? All-wheel drive powers both, front wheel as well as the rear wheels of the automobile whereas Four-wheel drive refers to be more robust than All-wheel drive.  

2. High Ground Clearance

High ground clearance simply means that the wheels of the automobile have more vertical room to travel and absorb the road shocks. This makes the rude more Swift and buttery. This feature makes the ride shock free and very prime. It is the space between the base of an automobile and the tire of an automobile. 

Obstacles on a bumpy road quite easily. This has to be a feature in an SUV, SUVS are known to be more stable than any other type of automobile, this feature makes this come true. The diagram below will help you understand more about high ground clearance

3. High Capacity engines

You may have heard the term “cc”. Cc stands for cubic centimeters which is a unit to measure the engine capacity or the volume. CC is also known as “engine displacement”. If we go technically, it simply means the displacement of the piston inside the cylinder. High capacity engines are one of the main features in a SUV. These engines make the drive utmost powerful as well as boosty. These engines have higher capacity than any others which makes SUVS more powerful than the other automobiles.

Best SUV For Towing

SUVS with expandable segments with a higher capacity and including the features mentioned above are the best ones for towing! You can choose anyone with maximum towing capacity, it would be great if you plan to pull a large trailer or boat,etc. TRUCK BASED SUVS are a great option when towing comes to mind. 

It is quite difficult to find an SUV with all these features at an affordable price, but indeed not impossible. Few searches will get one an affordable and multifunction SUV with great towing capacity. Crossover SUVS are also a perfect option for towing huge weights. They also have a lot of space,luxurious finishes and the great thing is that they are a low budget option! isn’t that great? They also get great gas mileage and are also swift as compared to other automobiles. Most popular three-row crossovers have a capacity to tow upto 5000 pounds. 


In conclusion, I will say that everything depends on your requirements. If you have heavy towing needs, you will have to get an big hardcore SUV. Trucks like SUVS would be a great option in such cases. Huge SUVS like these will definitely fulfill all your towing needs. While, if you have less towing needs like you can opt for three-row crossovers which can tow upto 5000 pounds with some models having an exceeded capacity for up to 8000 pounds. These SUVS are great for lifting trailers, whether they are big or small. So after a quick evaluation one can definitely go for an SUV with all the features mentioned!

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