Best 7 Safety Features For Sedan in Snow


Traction Control

Traction control avoids the slippage of the tires by regulating or controlling the tires of the sedan so that the tire slipping in the snow is avoided.

Engine Block Heater

An engine block heater can be plugged in which keeps the oil in the perfect consistency and you won’t have any problems in starting the car later.

Heated Seats And Side Mirror

In this feature an electrical heater is provided on each seat to keep it warm and cozy. It also available for side mirrors to heat the snow at mirrors and keep them ready.

Windshield Wipers And Icers

This feature is used to thaw the snow that has been stuck onto the wipers making them easy to use.

Blind Spot Monitoring

This feature has the ability to detect vehicles in the surroundings that cannot be seen through the side mirrors.

Front Collision Warning System

This feature helps the car to avoid upcoming crashes and be a life saviour by recording the speed and the distance between the cars.

Adaptive Headlights

This helps the driver to get a clear view as the steering wheel is turning.